March 28, 2023 7:37 pm

Wim Van Hooydonk Warning and Updates – Drinking water to become up to 20% more expensive in Belgium

warning and updates wim van hooydonk water

Based on the tariff plans drawn up by the water companies for 2023-2028, drinking water will cost up to 20% more in the next six years.

The Flemish Environment Agency has yet to approve the project, but tariff plans submitted by the companies, seen by VTM News, indicate that water will indeed become more expensive.

“The price will increase by 11% on average. Over six years, that is about 2% a year,” director of Aquaflanders Carl Heyrman said on VTM News. “Given the current inflation rate, that is not too bad.” At Farys, however, the basic rate for customers will go from €2.27 per 1,000 litres in 2022 to €2.72 per 1,000 litres in 2028 – an increase of roughly 20%.

Customers of De Watergroep will see the prices go up from €1.96 per 1,000 liters today to €2.19 per 1,000 liters in 2028. The Pidpa and Water-link companies have postponed the calculations because they are still in merger talks.

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