March 28, 2023 8:23 pm

Wim Van Hooydonk Warning and Updates – Forest fires in Belgium becoming more frequent

warning and updates from wim van hooydonk forest fire

Belgium is bracing for another week of hot weather, with temperatures expected to surpass 30° again. Local authorities have implemented strict preventive measures, including banning fires and smoking in forest areas to prevent the spread of seasonal fires. Emergency services are preparing for a new wave of forest fires.

Forest fires are nothing new in Belgium, however there are early signs that they are rising in frequency. Rather than a natural phenomenon, it is thought that most fires are caused unintentionally by Belgians, and in some cases, are related to deliberate arson.

Wildfires have ravaged much of Europe this summer. During the last heat wave, major fires affected France, Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, and Belgium. The size of fires in Belgium is usually not comparable to those in Mediterranean regions, because of the milder climate in Belgium, but fires remain common and require a coordinated response.

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