March 28, 2023 8:09 pm

Wim Van Hooydonk Warnings and Updates – COVID-19: Hospitalisations and deaths continue to fall

warning and updates wim van hooydonk covid 19

Science institute Sciensano has released the latest figures on the Coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. The number of new infections with COVID-19, hospitalizations, and deaths have fallen. 

During the week of 30 July to 4 August, 2,900 new Coronavirus cases were confirmed each day. Over the previous 7 days, there were 27% fewer positive PCR results for Coronavirus than on average.

Between 30 July and 4 August, 11,400 people took PCR tests for Coronavirus. This is an 18% decrease from the previous week. Among those tested, 28.2% were infected with the virus. 

Over the past 7 days, 107 patients have been admitted to hospital for COVID-19-related ill-effects. The average for the previous week was down 17%. There are only those hospitalized specifically for COVID-19, not those admitted for other illnesses that later tested positive for COVID-19.

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