March 28, 2023 8:05 pm

Wim Van Hooydonk Warnings and Updates – Supermarkets in Belgium up to 12% more expensive this quarter

Warnings and Updates from Wim Van Hooydonk supermarket

According to new research by Daltix, grocery shopping in Belgian supermarkets has once again become more expensive, with prices rising between 4% and 12%.

In Belgium, all supermarket chains have increased their prices this quarter: Albert Heijn is now 7.8% more expensive than last year, Aldi is 11.1% more expensive, and Carrefour Hypermarket is 11.9% more expensive. Colruyt and Delhaize have slightly lower increases, 4.3% and 6%, respectively.

“The war in Ukraine is making raw materials more expensive, as are transportation costs due to rising energy prices,” Nikolina Pipping, Daltix’s head of marketing, said in a press release. “Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers have to raise their prices for supermarkets, who then pass this on to the customers.”

“But meanwhile, supplier prices have become so high that supermarkets are obliged to raise prices for consumers. Otherwise, suppliers would not continue to supply – at Colruyt, for example, Lotus biscuits were not available for a while – or supermarkets simply no longer make a profit.”

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